Heart to Heart 12-31-13
Guest: Melody Bishop, Runes by Melody
Topic: 2014 Possibilities! What can we expect? What should we pay attention to in 2014. Melody is a highly accurate, intuitive reader who utilizes the ancient art of Runes for divination. She joined us with her spot-on predictions for 2014.

Heart to Heart 12-17-13
Guest: Lisa Atkinson; Award-Winning Author, accomplished psychic medium and Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner
Topic: Angels! Their role in the Christmas Story and ArchAngel Gabriel coming to Mary. We also shared angel stories and gave tips on how to connect with your angels.

Heart to Heart 12-03-13
Guest: Betsy Cohen, aka Psychic Betsy, Psychic Medium and Inspirational Speaker
Topic: Betsy was named one of the Top 10 Psychics in New York! And with good reason. We talk about Betsy's path from a sickly child to how she turned her life around. Thoughts on changing our conscious, and unconscious, thoughts to move our energy, and the energy around us in a new, more positive direction. And, a reminder on the importance and overall well being associated with being compassionately honest.

Heart to Heart 11-26-13
Guest: Kay Fahlstrom, Medium
Topic: Kay is always such a joy. We talked about Spirit visiting the family at the Holidays. And, how gratitude can change your life in so many little ways. Listen in for Kay's signature inspiration!

Heart to Heart 11-19-13
Guest: Mary Lee McRoberts -Intuitive, Psychic Medium and Energy Medicine Practioner
Topic: Owner of several successful international companies, Mary Lee realized the key to her success was her "sixth sense" --an intuitive ability to see, sense and feel the energy of other people and places. Mary Lee talks to us about clearing unbalanced (negative) energies out of home and businesses. She helps create the harmony and balance to best serve you and those who surround you. Tips on space changes at the holidays!

Heart to Heart 11-12-13
Guest: Dr. Christina Chambreau, Internationally renowned Holistic Veterinarian, Author
Topic: Feeding your beloved pets a healthy diet is easier than you think! Simple steps you can do yourself to heal your pet from your own kitchen! What to look for and avoid in selecting food and supplements.

Heart to Heart 11-05-13
Guest: Bruce Orion, Historian, Astrologer, Hypnotherapist, and Speaker
Topic: Bruce has appeared on the Discovery Channel as well as radio and talk shows. He has been a frequent speaker at the United Nations on Parapsychology. Topics included the subconscious mind, inadvertent impacts on children's minds, and how things pass from one generation to another.

Medium Monday 11-04-13
WSOX 96.1 Jacqui provides some pyschic insights to present day life along with important messages from the other side.

Heart to Heart 10-29-13
Guest: Kelly Maddox, Founder of "Kacey's Kids--Canines and Kids Connect for Reading"
Topic: don't know who's sweeter...Kelly or Sam, the reading therapy dog! Kelly Maddox puts smiles on lots of face when she arrives with her therapy dogs for a reading lesson! She founded and developed the instructional reading program at Leg Up Farm. The program known as Kacey's Kids--Canines and Kids Connect for Reading was named after Kelly's first therapy dog, Kacey. We had a fun morning with Kelly; one of her top students, Nate Campezi; and Amy, Nate's mom. The only one missing was Sam, the dog!!

Heart to Heart 10-22-13
Guest: Lisa Atkinson, Psychic Medium, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner
Topic: Lisa always brightens the day! What fun we had talking about reincarnation and the Akashic Records. Those are the records of your past lives and the lessons you learned in that lifetime. It's more than just fascinating. How you can use that information in this lifetime is the key.

Heart to Heart 10-15-13
Guest: Lori Shen, Energy Medicine Practitioner and Psychic Medium
Topic: Lori is so warm and inviting the hour just flew by. As she does in her signature workshop, Lessons from the Spirit World, we talked about what our loved ones experience as they are dying and on the other side. We learned their perspective on traumatic accidents, coma's and dementia. It's usually not what we thought.

Heart to Heart 10-08-13
Guest: Melody Bishop of Runes by Melody
Topic: Melody is a highly accurate, intuitive reader who utilizes the ancient art of Runes for divination. Used as early as the 3rd century, Runes spread throughout Scandinavia and Northern Europe. Once used by the Vikings and cultures of old, they are gaining popularity again since being seen in the Lord of the Rings movies.

Medium Monday 10-07-13
WSOX 96.1 listeners have Jacqui talk to thier pets, both in the present and from the other side!

Heart to Heart 10-01-13
Guest: Carole Grace, HTCP, HTAP. Psychic Medium and Healing Touch Practitioner for People and Pet
Topic: Carole has appeared on tv as well as radio shows, and hosted a show on CBS radio called Soul Sisters! Carole has always loved helping people, mediumship is one of the ways she is able to do it. Healing Touch is another way. She is a certified Healing Touch Practitioner, helping people and their pets.

Heart to Heart 09-24-13
Guest: George Koury, Psychic Medium and Angel Messenger
Topic: George is respected for his ability to communicate with departed loved ones and Angels with accuracy, compassion and a great sense of humor. Born into a long lineage of Mediums, he has displayed natural abilities since childhood.. He teaches and conducts Message Circles at several Spiritual centers, and is a guest Medium at Lily Dale.

Heart to Heart 09-17-13
Guest: Louie Castriota, Leg Up Farm
Topic: Louie Castriota is an "earth angel". He and his wife, Laurie have created one of the most innovative and sought after pediatric therapy centers in the country. Their vision merges their love of children and animals through a therapeutic riding center for children with special needs, Paws for Reading, Therapy Gardens, and a Circle of Care that improve outcomes for children and their entire family.

Heart to Heart 09-10-13
Guest: Dr. Elizabeth Carney, Peaceful Pet Passage
Topic: Dr. Carney's career in veterinary medicine has led her to a place of helping people when it is time for their beloved pets to leave this world. Her focus is making this difficult and sad time as peaceful as possible for both the animal and people involved.

Medium Monday 09-09-13
Jacqui's at it again! Another set of free on-air readings for listeners who call in to WSOX 96.1

Heart to Heart 09-03-13
Guest: Benjamin Gleisser & Carolyn Molnar
Topic: The incredible husband and wife medium team Benjamin Gleisser and Carolyn Molnar join me for a Medium Extravaganza! Between them, they are an Award-winning journalist, author, teacher, Medium, President of the Church of Universal Love, recording artist of acclaimed meditation CDs, television personality, and so much more...

Heart to Heart 08-27-13
Guest: Dr. Maria Broderick, Founder and Director of Reservoir Family Wellness LLC
Topic: Qigong Massage for children with autism. A technique gaining widespread practice due to it's success. Serving families with an integrative approach to wellness; utilizing acupuncture, qigong, and herbal medicine.

Heart to Heart 08-13-13
Guest: Randy Grove, President of the York Area Pet Bird Club
Topic: The joys of having an exotic bird as your pet. Find out why 6.4 million American families own birds as pets.

Heart to Heart 08-06-13
Guest: Cindy Plume, Radio Show Host and Spiritual Coach
Topic: Pulling ourselves into the good we aren't recognizing. Cindy has been a "spiritual coach" for many years helping people who are struggling to look inside and find their own place of peace, inner harmony and healing.

Medium Monday 08-05-13
Jacqui does free on-air readings for listeners who call in.

Heart to Heart 07-30-13
Guest: Amy Tirion, Founder of Delight for the Soul
Topic: Caring for the human spirit. Amy is one of 16 women profiled nationally in a documentary series produced by Elizabeth Arden. Her new book, Knowing Beautiful, has been described as "A New Bedtime Story for Women".

Heart to Heart 07-23-13
Guest: Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton, Psychic Medium
Topic: The difference between being psychic and being a medium. Lynn also discusses her upcoming book that explains how we all receive messages from our loved ones who have passed.

Heart to Heart 07-16-13
Guest: Kay Fahlstrom, Psychic Medium
Topic: Kay discusses her near-death experience and gives tips for house clearing.

Heart to Heart 07-09-13
Guest: Michele Livingston, Psychic Medium
Topic: The 10 different ways the spirit realm communicates with us.

Heart to Heart 06-25-13
Guest: Rev. Francine Milano, Ordained Minister and Psychic Medium
Topic: The Other Side of Gettysburg: A Ghosts 101 Handbook, paranormal activity in Gettysburg.

Heart to Heart 06-18-13
Guest: Christina Nelson, the "Comedium" Psychic Medium, Paranormal Investigator
Topic: Spirit and Humor

Heart to Heart 06-11-13
Guest: Dr. Debra Vradenburg, PhD, Research Psychologist and Professor at Millersville University, President and Founder of Pet Guardians
Topic: Planning for your Pet (in the event of debilitating illness or advanced age)

Pullo Center 06-06-13
Jacqui takes her amazing talent to the big time.

Heart to Heart 06-04-13
Guest: Leanne Thomas, Psychic Medium, Angel Reader
Topic: Guardian Angels, Archangels. Techniques to connect to your own angels.

Medium Monday 06-03-13
Jacqui helps folks that call in!

Heart to Heart 05-28-13
Guest: Shelly R. Wilson, Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Spiritual Teacher
Topic: Synchronicity

Heart to Heart 05-21-13
Guest: Rev. Lisa Bousson, Psychic Medium, Author and Teacher
Topic: Act of Crossing Over: What the recently deceased experience.

Heart to Heart 05-14-13
Guest: Rose Hayes, York Daily Record Pet Blog
Topic: Pet Happenings in the Area, Spay and Neuter Clinics.

Heart to Heart - 04-30-13
Guest: Dr. Christina Chambreau, DVM, Certified Veterinay Homeopath
Topic: Practical Non-Toxic Flea and Tick Solutions.

Heart to Heart - 04-23-13
Jacqui discusses horse topics.

Heart to Heart - 04-16-13
Jacqui shares Animal Communicatiohn stories including Emmitt the bird who told his parents
"he was a she!"

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